Why Donate?

Are you looking for a way to make an impact in your community and support mental health awareness and suicide prevention? Look no further than Contagious! Our brand is all about making self-love contagious and creating a supportive community for those struggling with mental health challenges.

By donating to Contagious, you're not only supporting our mission, but you're also supporting mental health organizations that are doing great work, such as Mental Health America and the National Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Plus, 10% of our profits go directly to these organizations.

But that's not all - we also host monthly self-love club meetups that act as a support group for individuals who may be attending therapy already or are just getting started. These events are free and hosted using our own money, so everyone can feel safe and heard.

By sewing a seed with a donation to Contagious, you'll be making an instant impact in your community and helping to lower the suicide rate. Together, we can make self-love contagious and create a world where everyone feels supported and loved.